March Newsletter 2024

Norma Lippman and Bobbe Wiener

Because of weather conditions, the PGA Shootout was not held last year. This year more than made up for it with a perfect spring day, cool. slight wind , sunny and not a cloud in the sky. The lovely day began at the Starter ’ s Shack with grilled hot dogs and of course all the trimmings. The format was Stroke play with 16 players playing the first 4 holes of the south course in separate foursomes. The 8 players with the lowest scores on the first 4 holes advanced to the 5th hole. On the 5th Hole, 2 players were eliminated, then 1 player eliminated on each hole until there are 2 players remaining on the 9th hole. The first foursome to tee off was, James Weardon, Ross Clewley, JR Congdon, who had his daughter as his caddy, and Todd Kitchen. The next foursome was Andrew Coleman, Jack Aston, Owen Clarke, William Capstick. The third foursome was Will Jones, Chris Horn, Luis Leon, Stacy Collins. The last group was Jose Caeiro, Dan Lynch, Bella Modisha, Kim Augusta. The 8 players advancing after 4 holes were: Ross, J.R., Owen, William, Will, Chris, Stacy and Dan. The 5 th hole saw William and Stacy eliminated. The 6 th hole saw Chris and Dan eliminated and the 7th hole J.R. was eliminated and the 8 th hole Will was eliminated leaving Ross and Owen. They each had a par on Number 9 and had to go back to the tee for a second round. Ross landed near the hole and Owen ’ s drive was on the hill above the hole. Ross birdied the hole to be declared as WINNER OF THE 2024 PGA SHOOTOUT. Congratulations to Ross and Owen as runner - up and to all the participants who gave us a day of superb golf played by all. As the Shoot Out ended, just a few steps from poolside at the Fitness Center, the crowd descended en masse, hungry and thirsty (even though there were plenty of drinks on the course both soft and hard ) to be greeted by drinks and proceeded to a great selection of delicious varied bites!

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