March Newsletter 2024

Being a security officer is not easy. There are long periods of standing and walking. There is the constant risk of personal injury, physical encounters with criminals, or irate customers. The stress levels and burnout rates are high. Plus, there’s lots to know about security fundamentals such as spotting suspicious behaviors, crowd control, de-escalation tactics, the limits and consequences of the use of force, CPR, and more. In fact, most states require training, licensing, and periodic renewal of officer certification to continue working as a security officer. Florida requires each officer to complete a forty (40) hour course before you can apply for a security license. The security license is only valid for two (2) years. Florida also requires an additional twenty-four (24) hour course to carry a firearm. As a result, contract security officer firms deal with annual turnover rates approaching 80% or more. That makes employee retention in today’s labor market more important than ever. Employee turnover is expensive. It affects the bottom line in more ways than just the dollars spent on training, uniforms, and equipment for officers that didn’t work out or took another job. Frenchman’s Creek security staff does not experience high turnover. Almost 50% of our security staff has over three (3) years’ experience here at Frenchman’s Creek while 30% of our staff has over five (5) years’ experience. With low turnover comes an experienced staff that understands the Frenchman’s Creek culture. We are here to help, and we are committed to providing a high level of service. FRENCHMAN’S CREEK SECURITY STAFF EXPERIENCE MESSAGE FROM SECURITY

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Please contact me directly if you have any questions or would like further information by calling Security at 561-622-7800. Josue Encarnacion, PMP Director of Security Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club

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