HomeServices FAQ

Q: What can/can’t HomeServices do for me? A: Currently, HomeServices offers a full range of Handyman services, which include light repairs and maintenance NOT requiring licensing or certification. Here are some examples of offered services (although it’s not an exhaustive list, so please ask if you don’t see a service offered for your specific need): A/C Maintenance Minor Drywall Repair Minor Electrical Repairs Door Adjustments Door Handle Replacement Minor Carpentry Toilet and Minor Plumbing Repair Storm Shutters (Install/Repairs) Furniture Assembly/Placement Pressure Washing Landscaping Lighting Replace Dryer Vent Cleaning Water Heater Cleaning Propane Tank Replace/Install Q: Can HomeServices rewire my light fixture? A: HomeServices can replace light switches, and plugs, and install most light fixtures, but does not provide services that require a licensed electrician, such as rewiring. Q: I need help getting my storm shutters taken down. Can HomeServices help? A: Absolutely – Installation and removal of storm shutters is offered through Handyman Services. Regarding installation, however, we do recommend booking this at the start of hurricane season as it may not be possible to get the work done in time if you wait until our area is under a watch or warning. Q: Can HomeServices help me with proper disposal of old appliances? A: We can remove and dispose of small appliances (such as humidifiers and microwaves) and if you require disposal of large appliances (such as refrigerators and washers/dryers), we can connect you with a vendor specializing in this. Painting Designated Areas Door/Window Screen Repairs Copying Keys

Q: What about water leaking from plumbing or an appliance? A: Typically, fixing water leaks requires the expertise of a licensed plumber, particularly if the leak is serious and threatens to damage property. In these situations, please contact Security at (561) 622.7800 and tell them you are experiencing a plumbing emergency and need a licensed plumber who can respond immediately. For less urgent situations, HomeServices is able to help you evaluate the source of the problem, and to assist with water shutoff to prevent property damage until the repairs can be made. Q: What about small landscaping jobs? A: Landscaping falls outside of the definition of Handyman Services. For all landscaping needs, large or small, included or a la carte, please reach out to the POA Office to book an appointment with Elegant Landscaping. Q: Do you offer knife sharpening? A: Unfortunately, knife sharpening is not part of the current offering of Handyman Services. Q: Does HomeServices provide animal or pest control? A: We do not provide animal or pest control services, but the POA Office an connect you with a vendor or local government agency who can assist you with these needs. Q: Can HomeServices assist me with emergency situations threatening injury, life, or property? A: No, we cannot. If you are experiencing an actual emergency such as a medical emergency, possible natural gas leak, fire or burning smell, flooding from plumbing or natural disaster, or to report a crime, call Security at (561) 622-7800 or dial 911. Q: Does HomeServices provide ladder rentals? A: Certainly, HomeServices offers ladder rentals with convenient one-day service, covering delivery and pickup for a total cost of $80. Extra rental days can be purchased for $25 each.

Q: How do I schedule HomeServices? A: Members request HomeServices by calling the POA Office at (561) 627-6200 during the POA’s operating hours, which are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays. Q: What are the available hours for service appointments? A: During the season, services are provided daily between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Q: I placed a work order request today. When will I receive a phone call from HomeServices to confirm details and book an appointment? A: HomeServices will call you by the next business day to schedule your services. Q: What are your rates for service? A: HomeServices are provided on a time and materials basis. Labor is charged at $25 for up to 15 minutes, $40 for up to 30 minutes, and $20 per any 15-minute increment after that. A Consumables flat fee of $7.50 is charged for supplies and tools wear & tear, and any parts required to complete the work order are charged at cost. Q: Can HomeServices provide “rush” service when the need is urgent? A: Yes, we offer “Priority” Service. There is a minimum charge of two hours, totaling $160, for each dispatched technician during regular office hours. In the case of urgent situations outside of regular office hours, a minimum charge of four hours, totaling $320, applies per dispatched technician. Q: What about the fees for other services, such as propane tank replacement and copying keys? A: We will deliver a replacement propane tank to your home for a fee of $25 plus the cost of the tank. For key copying, a flat fee of $25 is charged, plus the cost of the keys.

Q: Can HomeServices provide a written estimate to help me determine if I should use your service? A: We are not able to provide written estimates, but when you are contacted by HomeServices to confirm details and schedule your appointment, the representative can provide you with an idea of how much time the job should require, and therefore what your cost of labor should be. Q: What is your cancelation policy? A: There is no charge for appointments canceled more than 24 hours in advance. For cancelations within 24 hours, a fee of $80 will apply.

More Questions? Please contact the P.O.A. Office at 561-627-6200 or email HomeServices directly at

November 30, 2023

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