Highlights of the Frenchman's Creek Lifestyle 2023-2024

Dear Members:

The following is to refresh your memories regarding some of your rules that are necessary to maintain your Frenchman’s Creek lifestyle. Members are encouraged to use the facilities as an extension of their homes for everyone’s enjoyment. Members, their families, and guests are responsible for the knowledge and compliance of these rules. Employees of Frenchman’s Creek have been charged with the responsibility of advising members of any breach of the rules. The staff has been instructed to politely remind the members of the rules and to request compliance. Please refer to the full set of Rules and Regulations amended through May 2023.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Executive Director/COO



1. Members and Guests may not request special or personal services from an employee while the employee is on duty.

2. Members or guests may not be verbally or physically abusive to any employee, direct any employee in his or her job functions nor threaten an employee or threaten an employee’s job.

3. Members and guests may not offer gratuities or give gifts to employees.


1. Use of cell phones are not permitted in the dining areas or card rooms.

2. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside the facilities.

3. Members are responsible for the conduct, attire, and safety of their family, guests and invitees.

4. Pets are not permitted in any dining areas, only in designated areas.



Use of the Recreational Facilities by Guests

1. All Members must register their overnight Guests with the POA Office.

2. Privileges: (except as specified below) :

a. Immediate Family Guests may use the recreational and clubhouse facilities (golf, racquet sports, fitness center, beach club, card rooms, and dining areas) an unlimited number of times per year when accompanied by the Member and a maximum of thirty (30) days per year if not accompanied by the Member.

b. Non-Immediate Family Guests may use the Recreational Facilities, subject to the terms of these Rules, a maximum of fifteen (15) days per year.

3. Guest Fees:

All Guest usage of the Recreational Facilities shall be subject to such fees as the Board may prescribe from time to time on a separate fee schedule.



1. Hats are not permitted in any dining venue after 5:30 p.m.

2. Footwear is required in all dining facilities.

3. All Dining Venues, with the exception of the Beach Club:

The following dining attire is acceptable:

a. Breakfast and Lunch: Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, workout attire other than uncovered or wet bathing suits (towels are not considered covering).

b. Dinner: Appropriate shorts, slacks (including jeans), pants, skirts, dresses, collared shirts, uncollared fashion or golf shirts.

4. Beach Club:


Lunch (Inside): Shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, workout attire other than uncovered or wet bathing suits (towels are not considered covering).

b. Lunch (Outside): Shorts, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, workout attire.

c. Dinner: Appropriate shorts (including golf wear), pants, slacks (including jeans), skirts, dresses, collared shirts, uncollared fashion or golf shirts.


ATTIRE (con ’t )



a. Proper golf attire is required on the Golf Courses, the short game practice area, practice putting green and the south end of the driving range and recommended on the north end of the driving range.

b. Women are not permitted to wear tank tops, jeans, tennis shorts, leggings or spandex, unless part of a skort.

c. Men are not permitted to wear cargo shorts, cut-offs, swim suits, jeans, tennis or athletic-style shorts or sleeveless shirts.

d. Collared or mock-collar shirts are mandatory for men and it is recommended that men tuck their shirt tails in.


Hats must be worn bill forward.

f. At the north end of the driving range all Members and Guests must wear shirts (including sleeves for men) and either shorts, skirts or pants and some type of foot covering.


Racquet Sports:


Proper tennis attire is required for all racquet sports.

b. Women are not permitted to wear jean shorts, sports bras worn as a t-shirt, sheer tops or bottoms revealing undergarments. Leggings, yoga, or athletic workout/compression shorts are permitted if covered by a proper shirt. c. Men are not permitted to wear jean shorts, uncovered compression shorts, tank tops or cutoff t-shirts.

d. Proper tennis shoes are required on racquet sports courts. No running, walking, golf shoes or sandals are permitted.


ATTIRE (con’t)


Fitness Center, Spa and Pools:

a. Proper fitness/workout attire is required at all times in the Fitness Center.


Shirts are required at all times in the Fitness Center.

c. Closed-toed, non-cleated shoes are required at all times when using the cardio and weight lifting equipment.

c. All swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire in the pool.

e. Children who are not toilet trained must wear "swimming diapers” in the pool.





a. Members are requested to make dining reservations as early as possible.

b. Reservations consisting of twelve (12) or more Members and guests or where a request is made for a private area or room, will be considered a private party. Pricing will be subject to the applicable service charge and sales tax.

2. No person under the age of twenty-one (21) is permitted to be seated at any of the bars.

3. Only persons authorized to exercise the rights provided by the Recreational Certificate, as identified in Article IV, Section 4, of the Declaration, and Immediate Family Guests, also defined in the aforementioned Article of the Declaration are permitted to sign chits and affix the Member’s account number.


POOL Beach Club & Fitness Center


Pools are open from sunrise to sunset.

b. No lifeguards are on duty. Swimmers must obey all posted signs in the pool area.

c. Children under the age of thirteen (13) must be supervised by an adult at all times.


Boogie boards are not permitted in the pools.


Infants must wear “swimming diapers”.

f. Pool furniture may not be removed from the pool deck area, and must be covered with towels when lotions are used.

g. A Staff Member must be immediately notified in the event of pool contamination (defecation, urination and vomit).



1. All guests must sign in with the Fitness Staff prior to exercising. Non-immediate Family Guests may use the Recreational Facilities, subject to the terms of these Rules, a maximum of fifteen (15) days per year. 2. In season, guests may not use the Fitness Center between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. with a further limitation applied during the period of December 17 th through January 3 rd , when restricted use extends from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. 3. No children under the age of thirteen (13) are permitted in the Fitness Center. Children between the ages of thirteen (13) and sixteen (16) must have direct adult supervision when using the Fitness Center, Spa, locker rooms, salt room, saunas, and steam rooms.

4. Subject to availability, Guests are welcome to attend classes or use individual services.

5. When other Members (or guests) are waiting, maximum use of all cardiovascular equipment is thirty (30) minutes.

6. The Director of the Fitness Center, or a designated representative, is empowered to restrict or suspend any Member or guest from using equipment in an unsafe manner.

7. All equipment is to be returned to its proper location after use.

8. Towels and robes are to remain in the Fitness Center after completion of exercise.

9. Pets are not permitted in the Fitness Center.



10. Fitness Center Locker Rooms:

a. Fitness Center lockers are for daily use only. Overnight storage of a Fitness Center user’s personal property is not permitted.

b. Fitness Center users assume all responsibility for any loss of personal property deposited in the day lockers.

c. Shaving or lathering in steam rooms and sauna is not permitted.

d. Locker room usage is for Members and Guests thirteen (13) years of age and older. Children under the age of thirteen (13) may use the locker room and bathroom under direct adult supervision.

11. Spa:

a. All Members are reminded to respect the Spa Lounge, Treatment area as a quiet zone.

b. Children under the age of thirteen (13) must be directly supervised by an adult. Children under the age of five (5) are not permitted in the Spa.



The foundation of the game of golf is built on etiquette, courtesy, respect and the adherence of rules.

Golf Courses

1. General Rules of Play

a. All instructions from the Rangers and the Golf Professional Staff must be obeyed.

b. All players must register with the golf shop or Starter prior to beginning play.

c. All players must start from either the first or tenth tees, unless otherwise instructed by the Starter, or participating in a golf event with a shotgun start, except as noted in d below. d. In Season, after the Starter has left for the day but not before 3:30 p.m., players need not start from the first or tenth tee. Out of season, players may start after the Golf Professional Staff has left the starter area.

e. In no event can players jump in front of or cut in front of players already on the course if it would interfere with Pace of Play.

f. No group may have more than four (4) players, unless authorized by the Golf Professional Staff.


GOLF (con’ t)

2. Etiquettes of the Game

Golf Course etiquette conveys respect for the players and the course. These are not “Rules of the Game,” but “Traditions of the Game” that demonstrate, integrity, self-policing, taking care of your surroundings, and being aware of the players around you. a. Members may not engage in conduct likely to endanger the welfare, safety, or good reputation of the Club or its Members while using the golf courses or practice facilities.

b. All the players in a group are encouraged to hold each other accountable for the group’s decorum and etiquette.

c. Players must repair their ball marks on the greens; replace all divots with sand; remove all tees from the teeing areas; place all trash in trash receptacles; and rake footprints and depressions after bunker shots. Always enter and exit bunkers at the low side on the same path to avoid damage to the bunker face. d. A golf cart may be driven on the Golf Courses between dwellings and all Club facilities, provided such use does not interfere with those playing golf.

e. Practicing on the Golf Courses is strictly prohibited, except when taking a lesson from a golf professional approved by the Director of Golf.

f. Restrooms are provided at several locations around the golf courses. Their use is required.

3. Non-Golf Usage of Golf Courses:

a. The use of any portion of the Golf Courses for any purpose other than golf is prohibited except as specifically permitted by this Rule.

b. Except as approved by the Board the Golf Courses are for golf only between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

c. After sunset, members may walk on the golf courses as long as they have reflective gear.


GOLF (con’t)

3. Guest Use of Golf Courses

a. Usage: i. Members must register all Guests, including Immediate Family Guests of any age, in the Pro Shop or with the Starter. ii. Immediate Family Guests under the age of thirteen (13) may play if accompanied by a Member, or with the prior approval from the Director of Golf or a member of the Golf Staff, if playing with an Immediate Family Guest. b. Playing Times: In season, Members may play with their before 8:00 a.m. or after 12:00 p.m. unless authorized to play earlier by the Golf Staff or the Director of Golf.

4. Range Use and Lessons:


No person may hit balls onto the range except from the designated tee areas. No balls may be hit onto the range from the short game practice area. It is recommended that children under the age of thirteen (13) years may use the North end of the driving range for practice and/or when taking a lesson. Such children must be accompanied by a supervising adult or golf professional.



All use of the practice facilities must stop at the posted closing time.


Range balls shall not be removed from the practice facilities and may not be used on the Golf Courses.


Only golf professionals authorized by the Director of Golf may give lessons on the Golf Courses or the practice facilities.


Golf carts may not be driven on the south end of the driving range, unless authorized by the Golf Professional Staff.


GOLF (con’ t)

5. Use of Golf Carts:


A valid driver’s license is required to operate a golf cart.

b) In Season, players may not use more than two carts when playing in a threesome or foursome or more than one cart when playing as a twosome unless authorized by the Golf Professional Staff.

c) Golf carts must be operated in strict accordance with posted requirements and instructions from the Ranger.

d) Players are required to remain on golf course cart paths on par 3 holes, with the exception of the 13 th hole south, which can be crossed at 90-degrees.

e) No golf cart shall be driven within the Ten (10) yards of the “outer edge of the green collar,” and tees or a green side bunker, or as otherwise indicated.

f) After rain, golf carts must avoid soft areas on fairways and use the roughs when possible.


All cart path signs must be strictly followed.

6. Private Golf Cart use:

No person may operate a golf cart within Frenchman’s Creek unless the Member submits proof of insurance covering the operation of the golf cart to the Association Office, with liability coverage in the amount of at least $500,000.00.

7. Ranger Operations:

The pace of play expectation is that nine (9) holes should not take any longer than 2 hours, and eighteen (18) holes should not take longer than 4 hours.

If the Ranger determines a group has slowed Pace of Play, the Ranger shall request the group to speed up.



1. General Rules:

Prime time is the period from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., seven (7) days a week.

Round Robin play is held Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am – 11:00am.

2. Usage:

a) All Guests must register with the Racquet Sports Pro Shop.

b) Guests may use the facilities without being accompanied by a Member, during non-primetime hours (prior to 8:30 a.m. and after 10:00 a.m.).

c) Players invited to use the facilities must be accompanied by a Member, with the exception of holiday weeks.

d) During holiday weeks, guests not accompanied by a Member are not permitted to play during prime time, unless approved by the Director of Tennis.

3. Reservations:

Sign up needs to be done 5 days in advance.

Cancellations of any Raquet Sport lesson must be made twenty – four (24) hours in advance to avoid being charged the full price of the lesson.

4. Conduct:

Players must conduct themselves in a manner so as not to interfere with or disturb players on adjacent courts.

5. Transportation:

Golf carts, bicycles and roller blades are not permitted on the patio, on or around the tennis courts, adjacent walkways and stadium pathway.



1. All drivers must comply with posted traffic requirements.

2. No person without a valid driver’s license may drive any motorized vehicle within Frenchman’s Creek.

3. Overnight parking on any street, with the exception of designated cul-de-sacs, is prohibited without prior written permission from the POA Administration or Security.

4. Parking is prohibited within ten (10) feet of mailboxes and fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrants.

5. Use of cellular phones is not permitted while driving a motorized vehicle within Frenchman’s Creek, except for the use of hands-free features.

6. No person may walk a dog(s) on the roadways while driving in a golf cart.

7. Bicycles must only be parked in the racks provided for that purpose.

8. The posted speed limit is 25 mph.

9. All citations issued to a Member’s family, guest, invitee, agent or contractor will be treated as citations against the Member.

10. Parking is permitted on only one side of any roadway. Parking on Frenchman’s Creek Drive is prohibited.



1. Children under the age of Thirteen (13) are not permitted in the card/game playing areas while play is in progress.

2. Card/game room playing is permitted in the dining facilities only if approved in advance by the Executive Director. Dining has priority.

3. Each Guest may use the card/game rooms a maximum of fifteen (15) times In Season each year and an unlimited number of times not In Season and must be accompanied by the Member at all times.




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