FC Life April, 2017

APRIL 2017

We thank Gabby Brinkwirth for these pictures.

Picture by bobbe wiener

Ruth and Norman Stavisky had uninvited guests for Passover.

Red tailed hawk by our birder, Dr. Bob Gleiber

Beautiful tricolored Herron by Dr. Bob Gleiber

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The 2017 PGA Professional Shootout was held Tuesday, April 4th at 12:30 p.m on the front nine of the South Course. It is a golf tournament where our pros and the qualifying golf apprentices compete. There were 16 participants with 4 foursomes playing holes 1 through 5. After 5 holes, the lowest 5 players aggregate score went on to the next part of the tournament. By the time the 4th group finished, the large crowd of spectators had arrived and were anxiously awaiting to see who the lowest 5 players would be. Well three players were tied so there was a 3 way chip off. A chip off in case of a tie is that the rules official, Mel Boren, chooses where the ball will be placed for the players to chip toward the flag. The closest one wins. Of course each player has his back to the flag until he chips. The players proceeding with the tournament were: Rich Luchini, Will Jones, Christoff Els, Josh Chaplin, and Tom Fearon who was eliminated on hole #6. The next to be eliminated on hole #7 was Rich Luchini, followed by Josh Chaplin on #8. And then there were two! Christoff and Will who both played extremely well. Our 2017 Champion is WILL JONES with Christoff Els runner-up. It was the most exciting Shoot Out yet with many chip offs and excellent playing.

Participants were: JR Congdon, Rich Luchini, Rocco Panzzitta, Luis Leon, Chris Horn, Todd Kitchen, Tom Ku- binski, Will Jones, Christoff Els, Tom Fearon , Josh Chaplin, Sam Allen, Steve Savage, Nathan Lingard, George Jones and Tom Ferriday.

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On April 3, 2017, LEON POLLACK had a hole-in- one on number 5 South. It played at 142 Yards and he used a 6 iron.

On March 27, 2017, CHARLES RODEN had a hole-in-one on number 13 South. It played at 128 Yards and he used a 3 wood.

On April 19, 2017, ALAN HIRSCH had a hole- in-one on number 13 south. It played at 135 yards and he used a 6 hybrid

On April 11, 2017, ABRAHAM KAMOR had a hole in-one on number 2 north. It played at 152 yards and he used a 4 hybrid.

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Bailey was born on January 17, 2017 and arrived at our home 8 weeks later. She is a yellow English Labrador Retriever. Though young we have already noticed how intelligent she is. Training has begun at this young age and she is doing far better than we had expected. She is sweet and loving as well. Our whippet Rocket still isn't sure how she feels about the new arrival. We are certain that they will work it out and become best of friends. If anyone happens to see us walking around Frenchman's Creek with Bailey and Rocket we invite you to come by and say hello. You will be greeted with lots of tail wagging and kisses.

Nancy and Dr. William Sherman

“ 9” Wine & Dine April 21, 2017 South Front 1 st

North Front

Larry Cook & Christina Monacelli Steve & Debbie Hornstein

1 st

Gunter & Gaby Brinkwirth Barry & Lynn Byrd

2 nd Ken Max & Patricia Raber Glen & Debra Greenberg

2 nd Richard & Carol Kirschenbaum Martin Slepkow 3 rd Leon & Catherine Pollack Robert & Patty Annunziata North Back 1 st Donald & Annette Schilling Alan & Rhoda Edelman

3 rd David & Robyn Rosenblatt Bob & Barbara Sheldon

South Back 1 st

Alan & Susan Ludwig Frank Spitalny & Myra Kramer

2 nd Bruce & Marcia Levy

2 nd Art Lerner & Sue Sternberg Michael & Marion NeTman

Irv & Lou Ann Brothman

3 rd Mel & Wendy Dinner Saul & Marie Kravecas

3 rd Bernie & Rhea Herman Stan & Ellen Lattman

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I volunteered to read at the Passover Seder. As I stood on the little stage, I looked out and saw wall- to-wall tables covered with starched white cloths, cut crystal and silverware and filled with all the Passover special dishes. The tables were surrounded by families and friends who, in turn, were surrounded by our beautiful staff , dressed immaculately and ready to serve 450 people simultaneously. And for the million-and-oneth time, I was so grateful to be living in this very special place.

Norma Lippman

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The Homefront column is designed to inform our members where in the community our new residents are living and other residences they may have. It also keeps up with our present members who have stayed in the community but moved to new dwellings. Of course we always wish our members who are moving out of the community good luck wherever their travels take them and our new members and established members good luck in their new address.

TERRI and EDWARD ORLANDO purchased Jeri and Norman Jacobs home on Degas Drive East. They also reside in Manhasset, New York.

JERI and NORMAN JACOBS moved into their new address on Burgundy Drive North.

MELISSA and BILL HANDLER bought Judith and Dr. Louis Consentino’s house on Rhone Circle. Their parents , Judy and Dan Handler also reside at Frenchman’s. TOBI and HERBERT GLATT purchased Suzette and Steven Kolitch’s home on Loire Lane. They also reside in New York City, New York.

SUZETTE and STEVEN KOLITCH bought Joan and Stephen Parks’ house on Redon Drive.

JOAN and STEPHEN PARKS purchased Linda and Dan Silverberg’s home on Le Bateau Lane.

ARLENE T. FELDMAN and ROBERT D. GOLDSTEIN purchased Bea Bloch’s home on St. Malo Court.

They also reside in New York City and Remsenburg, New York.



The Community mourns the loss of our following members

JERRY EPTON who lived at 13281 Provence Drive and was a member since 1989. Our heartfelt sympathies to is beloved wife, Marilyn and their children, Michael, Karen, Debbie and Scott and their families.

NORMAN REITMAN who lived at 13225 Provence Drive and was a resident since 1995. Our sympathies to his beloved wife, Barbara and their family.

ROBERT SISKIN who lived at 13677 Rivoli Drive and was a member since 1994. Our sympathies to his beloved wife, Caryl and their family.

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LINDA and PHILIP DOLEN are so proud

to announce the birth of their granddaughter

Isadora (Izzie) Pearl Kubin. She was born

March 9, 2017 weighing 7 pounds 5 ounces

and was 20.3 inches long. Her parents are

Melissa and Zachary Kubin of Brooklyn, NY.

Rima Robinson brings us this great news:

MURRAY BROWN celebrating his birthday with a heavy heart remembering the third anniversary of his son Steve Brown's passing, was blessed with a grandson on his birthday. The name of the baby is Steven Brown. We're so happy for you Murray.


The staff and I are so happy you are reading our publication and finding our mistakes. Keep it up!

In our article “A shout out to Debbie Hornstein,” March edition, it was reported incorrectly. The first movie showing, Debbie had, 86 members attending. Today there are over 300 attendees for both showings! How great and keep them coming, Debbie!!

Club News Staff


Bobbe Wiener Correspondents Louise Albert, Mimi Bergel, Shirley Goldberg, Marleen Hacker, Mark Hurd, Jeri Jacobs,

Myrna Leven, Norma Lippman, Adele Shamban, Lois Stern, Judy Tobin


Marleen Hacker and Bob Cohen

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